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Mayor Michael Melham’s 2024 State of the Township Addresss

0:22 – 5:40 Mayor comes out to My Chemical Romance, talks about ‘recognizing these Belleville kids.’ along with Frankie Valli. 

5:42 – 8:00 Main Intro: Concluding with the “State of our Township is looking Better Every Day!” 

10:08 – 11:18 Average tax increase, $63 over the past 4 years. 

11:58 – 13:00 Historic lead line replacement initiative. 

13:02 – 14:05 Belleville’s economy is strong.

14:05 – 15:12 Soaring and record setting real estate prices. 

19:37 – 21:07 Councilwoman Burke mention and the retiring of two Council Members. 

21:42 – 23:13 Mayor singles out Senator Timberlake, says “they are a uniquely interesting pair, to say the least.” 

23:30 – 24:26 Mayor comes out strong in support of ending the ‘Party Line’ 

25:26 – 26:54 Mayor announces the Hometown Hero’s program for our Vets.

26:56 – 33:00 Chasing new ratables: The effectiveness of our PILOT programs; Developer Community Contributions; $22,000 in free low-income homeowner grants; Expected Cannabis revenue.

33:00 – 34:54 Township is investing in Parking Lots.

35:47 – 39:19 The Valley and plans to Revitalize Silver Lake. 

39:19 – 40:50 Dispelling a trio of misconceptions about redevelopment. PILOTs; Environmental clean ups; Impact on our schools 

40:56 – 45:23 Mayor smacks down on new developments impacting our schools. Discusses current overcrowding in our schools.  Mayor calls upon the Board of Education Trustees to ‘re-take’ control of the District. Mentions BOE tax increases and lagging test scores.

45:23 – 46:38 Mayor explains that most buildings currently under construction originated under previous Administration. 

46:38 – 53:32 The great Belleville PD; Presents a $10K check in his father’s memory to the President of the Belleville PBA to buy updated armor plates for all patrol cars and road supervisors. 

53:32 Conclusion

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